WINPRO Co., Ltd. is aware of the importance of the protection of personal information, and we follow a strict policy for control and protection of all personal information we receive from our customers in an appropriate manner.

WINPRO personal information protection policy
  1. Limitation of the information collection range
    We clarify the purpose for collection of personal information within the range of legitimate business activities and collect information only to the extent necessary to achieve that purpose.
  2. Usage limitation
    Unless otherwise agreed by the relevant person or regulated under the law, personal information can be used only when disclosed by the relevant person or for the purpose agreed by the relevant person.
  3. Collection limitation
    Personal information should be collected by legitimate and fair methods, and it should be collected after notification of the usage purpose, etc. to the relevant person or receipt of consent from the relevant person if necessary.
  4. Accuracy, etc. of the content of data
    We retain personal information complying with the usage purpose in an accurate, safe and up-to-date state.
  5. Safety
    When we retain and control personal information, we use all reasonable safety measures to prevent leakage, loss or damage.
  6. Confidentiality requirements
    Each individual working for WINPRO Co., Ltd. endeavors to remain aware of the importance of protection of personal information and to maintain confidentiality of personal information.
  7. Legal compliance
    In addition to those mentioned above, WINPRO Co., Ltd. shall comply with all laws regarding protection of personal information defined in Japan.
  8. Usage of personal information
    We comply with the above mentioned matters, and we utilize the personal information we receive from our customers proactively for the improvement of the services we offer our customers.

Usage within the purpose of usage

WINPRO uses the personal information we obtain for the following purposes.

  1. For the dispatch of sales information regarding products and services our company deals with.
  2. In conducting questionnaires to our customers when planning/developing products or investigating measures for the improvement of customer satisfaction.
  3. In conducting the business operations necessary to respond to inquiries from our customers and to provide prompt service.
  4. For other usage purposes indicated when obtaining personal information.
  5. In responding to notices, instructions, requirements, requests for research and so on received from national or local governmental organizations or other public organizations.

Appropriate management of personal information

WINPRO Co., Ltd. shall use appropriate safety measures in order to prevent illegal access, loss, breakage, falsification or leakage of personal information.
Furthermore, we work on enlightenment activities including education regarding protection of personal information for employees, etc. who deal with personal information.

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