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Inquiries about the WINPRO wind power generator 5kW independent power supply model
Is it possible to sell electricity?
The 5kW WINPRO wind power generator does not fall within electric power selling specifications.
Electricity can be sold only from equipment certified for selling electricity.
WINPRO has developed a 20kW wind power generator as a dedicated model for selling electricity.
What are the required installation conditions?
The diameter of the blade motion is 5.0m, so the distance from nearby buildings or trees should be considered.
How about strong wind countermeasures?
When the wind is strong, the rotation speed is reduced automatically in operation. If even stronger winds occur, the brake is activated automatically.
Is maintenance necessary?
We recommend maintenance once a year. Maintenance will be lubrication to the brake pad, bolts, batteries and bearings of the main shaft parts.
Is it possible to use in combination with solar power generation?
It is possible to connect solar panels up to 1kW as an option.
Is it necessary to make some kind of application for the installation?
The total height of the 5kW WINPRO wind power generator is approx. 9.8m.
Though it is not necessary to submit an application for a structure of this type based on the Building Standard Act, if the design is customized to be used as an advertising tower, etc., application for confirmation of a structure or application for permission for an outdoor advertisement may be required in some cases depending on local ordinances of the juridical administration at the installation location.
Please contact the juridical administration at the installation location for details.
What is the size of the area occupied per set?
An area larger than 4m square is required.
Is it possible to install for a general household?
We believe there would be difficulties with installation for a general household due to the height and space requirements.
With regard to installation on a roof or veranda, the building should be designed with the installation of the generator in mind.
Is it possible to install on the building roof?
It is possible to install if the building is yet to be built, however, the building should be designed with due consideration for the load of the product and wind pressure.
It is presumed that the customer would arrange the foundation design in this case.
Is it possible to use the electricity generated in the event of a power failure or emergency?
Yes this is possible
What is the cut-in wind speed?
Electricity is generated with wind speeds from 2m/s.
Inquiries about the dedicated model for selling electricity “WINPRO 20kW wind power generator”
Is some kind of application necessary at installation?
Necessary to application for equipment certification to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, application to electric power company, and application for electricity business act are required.
Is it possible to install for a general household?
It is not possible to install a WINPRO 20kW wind power generator for a general household. A generator demonstrates 30% conversion efficiency under conditions with an annual average wind speed of 6.5m/s. So, it is necessary to install it a place with good wind conditions of over 6m/s.
What is a wind farm?
It is a large scale power generation facility, namely multiple wind power generators are installed in a vast spacious area with good wind conditions.
How about the FIT price?
The purchase price will be revised every year. Please check the website of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy for the current price.
How much space is occupied by one generator?
A space of 18m×35m or more is necessary.
Are both companies and individuals eligible for the FIT price?
Both are eligible.
Inquiries about WINPRO hybrid street lights
What are the installation requirements?
• There should be no obstacles including electric wires or high buildings that block wind or sun light around the installation location.
• It should be possible for a 4t vehicle (around 9m L x 2.5m W x 3m H) or a high lift work vehicle to park and work with no problem within 2 ~ 3m from the installation point.
• The ground should be stable.
※Standard for solidity of the ground (N value) is 10. Land fill areas including rice paddies are not acceptable.
• Noise from blade rotation, reflection of light or flickering of shadows is not particularly disturbing, however, this sort of perception varies according to the individual, so if you are considering setting the product in a residential area, you may need to seek agreement from local residents beforehand.
Is it possible to attach a device to monitor electric power generation data?
We sell electric power generation data monitoring software as an option. This is connected to the hybrid street light by wire, so ground burial work and the PC used for monitoring must be arranged by the customer.
Is it possible to install on the roof of a building?
It is possible to install if the building is yet to be built, however, the building should be designed with due consideration for the load of the product and wind pressure.
It is assumed that the customer will arrange the foundation design in this case.
Is maintenance necessary?
We recommend maintenance once a year on a regular basis, and we are prepared to offer a maintenance pack.
How about strong wind countermeasures?
It is a system that automatically sets a brake in strong winds.
It is possible to set a brake through manual operation in strong winds.
Inquiries about the WINPRO 5120Wh storage battery system
Is it possible to use this as a UPS device in the event of a power failure?
The product can be used as a UPS when it is used in back-up-mode.
Is it possible to charge with electricity using midnight power?
Midnight power charging is performed automatically when the charging time is set to nighttime with the setting timer in auto-mode.
Using power charged at nighttime during peak electricity usage times in the daytime can also contribute to peak shift.
What sort of devices can it be used to power in the event of a power failure?
It can be used to supply power for life line equipment including lighting and power for communication devices.
Is it possible to charge the storage battery system with power generated by solar power generation?
The input specification of the storage battery system (on charging side) is AC100V, so it is not possible to save electricity generated by solar power generation directly.
Is it possible to use the product outdoors?
The specifications are for indoor use, so it cannot be used outdoors.
Are regular inspections or maintenance necessary?
It is a maintenance free product as a basic rule, however, it is always necessary to charge with electricity at least once a week on a regular basis.
The storage battery discharges electricity gradually and will eventually discharge completely, so if it is not to be used for an extended period, please remove the power supply input cable, turn off the main breaker, put the main body of the product in a packing box and store it in a well-ventilated place. Note that if the storage battery is allowed to discharge completely, you need to change it for a new one. When the product is to be stored for an extended period, charge with electricity once every 3 months on a regular basis with the main breaker OFF.
Is it necessary to report installation to the Fire Station?
It is necessary to report installation of a storage battery facility to the Fire Station in locations used by the general public and when the total number gained by multiplication of the rated capacity of storage battery and the number of batteries exceeds 4,800 ampere hour/cell, based on the Ordinance for Enforcement of the Fire Service Act [extract] Ministry of Home Affairs Ordinance No. 3 Article 12 and Fire Prevention Ordinance Regulation [extract] Fire Prevention Division Notice No. 198 and Dangerous Goods Safety Office Notice No. 86 Article 11 and Article 13. In the case of this product, installation should be reported to the Fire Station if more than 3 units of the product are to be installed at the same location. If you are considering installation of more than 3 units, please inquire with the juridical Fire Station at the installation location.
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